5-wire resistive touch screens consist of conductive top and bottom layers of thin film polymers which use pressure to register touch. When a user touches a resistive touch screen, the looped conduction top layer passes voltage to electrodes in four corners of the bottom layer to register the exact point where the screen was touched. Resistive touch screens and touch panels are extremely versatile, and touch can be sensed with use of a bare, gloved or covered finger, or with a stylus or any other object that creates pressure.

5-wire Resistive Touch Screen Advantages

5-wire resistive touch screens are a durable solution for environments such as casinos, hospitals, restaurants, industrial controls, grocery stores and other uses where the screen must endure repeated use and exposure to liquids and other contaminants. Resistive touch screens are also useful in industries where the touch panels are used while wearing gloves or other protective gear. Contact SSI to learn more. Or call us at 800-866-8510 today to speak to our team directly.

There are several advantages to 5-wire resistive touch panels including:

  • Versatile screen that can be used with any stylus or tool that creates pressure
  • Proven durability and longevity
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Resistance to dust, moisture and other contaminants
  • Lower cost than other touch panel options

Potential disadvantages are that resistive touch screens are less sensitive to touch, can wear down over time, and may also lose functionality if the surface layer becomes damaged.

Stock Sizes – 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

SizeModel IDFrame Area
Active Area
Aspect Ratio
15″SSI-R5-15-A322.00 x 245.50303.50 x 227.504:3
17″SSI-R5-17-A356.00 x 286.50337.00 x 269.504:3
12.1″SSI-R5-W-12.1-A275.82 x 177.9261.12 x 163.216:9
15.6″SSI-R5-W-15.6-A359.30 x 209.50344.23 x 193.5416:9
18.5″SSI-R5-W-18.5-A 429.86 x 254.00409.80 x 230.4016:9
21.6″SSI-R5-W-21.6-A496.50 x 292.20477.50 x 268.6016:9
24″SSI-R5-W-24-A555.40 x 322.60531.40 x 298.9016:9

Standard (Non-Custom) Sizes – 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

SizeModel IDFrame Area (mm)Active Area (mm)Aspect Ratio
6.4SSI-R5-6.4-A150.00 x 115.50130.60 x 98.404:3
8″SSI-R5-8-A 182.60 x 140.80 164.80 x 123.004:3
8.4″SSI-R5-8.4-A196.09 x 149*86171.40 x 128.804:3
8.4″SSI-R5-8.4-B 186.90 x 142.30 171.00 x 128.804:3
10.4″SSI-R5-10.4-A248.92 x 186.69 215.90 x 163.834:3
10.4″SSI-R5-10.4-B228.70 x 173.40211.58 x 158.754:3
12.1″SSI-R5-12.1-A 271.27 x 205.74 248.87 x 187.404:3
12.1″SSI-R5-12.1-B 261.80 x 199.80 246.80 x 185.504:3
15″SSI-R5-15-A 322.00 x 245.50 303.50 x 227.504:3
15″SSI-R5-15-B 332.90 x 248.90 307.10 x 231.104:3
17″SSI-R5-17-A356.00 x 286.50337.00 x 269.504:3
17.1″SSI-R5-17.1-A 365.40 x 290.18 340.00 x 272.404:3
19″SSI-R5-19-A 393.40 x 316.65377.30 x 302.054:3
19.2″SSI-R5-19.2-A 402.00 x 326.20381.00 x 305.704:3
20.1″SSI-R5-20.1-A430.50 x 330.50409.00 x 307.004:3
21.3″SSI-R5-21.3-A 454.00 x 344.00432.00 x 324.004:3
7″SSI-R5-W-7-A166.50 x 104.00152.40 x 91.4416:9
10.1″SSI-R5-W-10.1-A 235.00 x 143.00222.72 x 125.2816:9
12.1″SSI-R5-W-12.1-A275.82 x 177.9261.12 x 163.216:9
15.4″SSI-R5-W-15.4-A 345.00 x 224.00331.00 x 207.0016:9
15.6″SSI-R5-W-15.6-A359.30 x 209.50 344.23 x 193.5416:9
18.5″SSI-R5-W-18.5-A429.86 x 254.00 409.80 x 230.4016:9
19″SSI-R5-W-19-A 426.60 x 272.10 411.20 x 257.3016:9
21.6″SSI-R5-W-21.6-A496.50 x 292.20 477.50 x 268.6016:9
22″SSI-R5-W-22-A 493.70 x 320.10 473.76 x 296.1016:9
24″SSI-R5-W-24-A555.40 x 322.60 531.40 x 298.9016:9

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