Interface Products for Military Equipment

Tough. Strong. Reliable: Interface Solutions You Can Count On

In a lot of ways, many of the characteristics that make our soldiers so effective could be used to describe the products we build. SSI Electronics has been making robust interface products for over 30 years, and this experience allows us to design and manufacture products with confidence. Our U.S.-based, ITAR-compliant manufacturing facility is strongly positioned to build tough, reliable products for this incredibly important field.

From waterproof tactile switch modules for marine environments to custom touch screens for computer systems, SSI offers robust interface solutions for all military applications.

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Why Military OEMs Choose SSI Interface Products 

1) Robust Design & Construction

The military often encounters some of the harshest “work” environments on the planet. Our membrane switch technology is engineered to stand up to extreme conditions and aggressive use. For more information on how our durable interface solutions can benefit your military equipment, download our whitepaper, 5 Considerations for Your Military Input Devices.

2) Reliability

There is perhaps no industry where users value reliability more than in the military field. Simply put, products manufactured for this market must operate at their peak all the time. SSI is committed to making the most reliable human-machine interface products in the industry.

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