Custom Interface Products

SSI offers a broad range of custom built products specifically designed to help ensure that the user’s of your products have a seamless, reliable and intuitive experience. Whether it’s providing custom membrane switches, rubber keypads, touch screens or flexible circuits; SSI prides itself on providing world-class products. Call us at 800-866-8510 today to speak to our team directly.
Membrane Switch

Membrane Switches

This mature human-machine interface technology started being used on various electronic products in the early 1980s and remains popular today. The ease in which we can customize this technology makes this a straightforward option for designers looking to implement a unique look. Membrane switches remain one of the most economical switching technologies available. Advances in material and processes has also earned membrane switches the reputation of being very reliable.

Top 3 Advantages of Membrane Switches

1) Inexpensive piece price.

2) Very low development (tooling) costs.

3) Very Durable and Moisture Resistant.

Rubber Keypad

Rubber Keypads

Using rubber keypads as a human-machine interface has made a bit of a resurgence in the last 5 years. We can customize rubber keypads to meet any given unique requirements. The physical characteristics of the rubber keypad make this technology a great choice for small keys and/or tight clusters of keys. When you marry rubber keypads with tactile devices like metal domes, the result is an extremely crisp, responsive tactile feel. When keys need to be back-lit, silicone rubber makes for an excellent diffuser.

Top 3 Advantages of Rubber Keypads

1) Provides a value-added look.

2) Excellent actuation, even with small keys.

3) Economical approach when there are multiple keys.

Flex Circuit

Flexible Circuits

SSI can provide a wide variety of flexible circuits, both as stand-alone products and integrated into complete switches. Flexible circuits can address a multitude of challenging engineering dilemmas. Because of our broad repertoire of flex circuits (printed PET, FPC, FFC), SSI can help our customers determine the circuit technology that is best and most cost-effective for their application.

Top 3 Advantages of Flexible Circuits

1) Conforms to unique geometries.

2) Reduces/Eliminates interconnect components/costs.

3) Typically reduces assembly costs.

Touch Screen Overlay

Touch Screens

SSI offers a full line of custom and standard touch screens. Let us help you determine whether your application is best suited for a resistive touch panel or a capacitance touch panel. SSI’s line of touch screens is robust, especially in harsh environments and broad temperature swings.

Top 3 Advantages of Touch Screens

1) Represents the latest interface technology.

2) Adds significant perceived value to product.

3) They provide an enhanced user experience.

Hybrid Keypad

Hybrid Keypads

Hybrid keypads integrate at least two different core technologies, using a rubber that is affixed to a flexible circuit. The main advantages of this approach are that it can provide a much higher perceived value over other types of switches. There are other features such as backlighting and excellent tactile feel that can be uniquely employed with hybrid keypads.

Top 3 Advantages of Hybrid Keypads

1) They provide excellent tactile response.

2) Backlighting can be integrated.

3) More high-end look compared to membrane switches.

Keypad Assemblies

Keypad Assemblies

Many companies turn to SSI to provide more integrated products. SSI regularly leverages its vast experience in buying components such as PCBAs, metal backers and injection-molded enclosures to provide a value-added assembly to our customers. Often SSI’s labor costs are less than those of our competitors. Our expertise in assembly can provide a significant cost advantage over an in-house assembly.

Top 3 Advantages of Keypad Assemblies

1) Shortened product development cycles.

2) Reduced handling and assembly costs.

3) Reduced purchasing and coordinating efforts.

Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays

SSI applies its world-class printing capabilities by producing beautiful graphic overlays. These overlays are typically backed with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and are printed on the backside of a clear material. This ensures that the ink will never wear off. A wide variety of graphic materials can be used to make sure that these products will withstand the harshest of conditions, such as negative impacts of abrasion, chemicals, moisture, and UV light.

Top 3 Advantages of Graphic Overlays

1) Much more durable than labels.

2) Economical to produce.

3) It can help enhance the look of your products.

Disposable Medical Circuit

Disposable Medical Circuits

Disposable medical circuits and sensors represent are one of SSI’s fastest-growing product lines. These products typically come in direct contact with human skin via medical adhesives and conductive hydrogel. These circuits also act as the electrical gateway between a human and the hardware designed to diagnose the biological function. Disposable medical circuits are being used from everything from ECG monitoring to brainwave interpretation.

Top 3 Advantages of Disposable Medical Circuits

1) Inexpensive.

2) Moisture resistant (they can withstand multiple showers).

3) It can be made compatible with the human body.

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