After 30-plus years of designing and manufacturing custom membrane switches, SSI Electronics now offers a full line of standard membrane switches. These membrane switches are in stock and ready to ship, with none of the design and tooling expenses often associated with products like these.

Our stock membrane switches can be used individually or joined together to create any number of keys your small-volume application requires. We offer membrane switches in numerous formats, with a variety of connector and graphic overlay options, making it easy to specify the perfect configuration for your unique needs.

Request a quote on standard membrane switches for your application. Contact SSI today to order or to learn more. Or call us at 800-866-8510 today to speak to our team directly.

Standard Membrane Switch Formats Available

  • 1 position membrane switches
  • 2 position membrane switches
  • 4 position (1×4) membrane switches
  • 4 position (2×2) membrane switches
  • 6 position membrane switches
  • 8 position membrane switches
  • 9 position membrane switches
  • 12 position membrane switches

Standard Membrane Switch Specifications

  • 12mm diameter stainless steel domes
  • Actuation force: 12-16 ounces
  • Closed loop resistance: <100 ohms
  • Life expectancy: 1 million actuations
  • Contact bounce: 20ms or less
  • Maximum voltage: 28 vDC
  • Maximum current: 50 mA
  • Maximum switch power: 1.5 watts
  • Operating temperature: -10° to 170°F (-23° to 77°C)
  • 3M 467MP adhesive on front and back of switch

Membrane Switch Connector Options

  • Bare Tail: Interfaces to 0.100” center LIF or ZIF style connector
  • Female Connector, Plain: Interfaces to a 0.100” center, 0.025” square posted header
  • Female Connector, Latching: Interfaces to a 0.100” center latching header
  • Male Connector, Plain: Interfaces to a 0.100” center female header
  • Male Connector, Latching: Interfaces to a 0.100” center latching header
  • Solder Tabs: 0.100” centers; solder tabs can be directly soldered to PCB or wires

Switch Details

1 Position
2 Position
4 Position
4 Position
6 Position
8 Position
9 Position
12 Position

Standard Overlay Artwork Options

NOTE: Size of overlay is .020” larger on all 4 sides than switch (see above)

Overlay Options for Stock Membrane Switches

  • Permanent: SSI stocks production quality overlays in the formats shown above. These overlays have a matte finish and are printed with light gray text on a black  background.
  • Non-Permanent: SSI can create custom overlays for your stock membrane switches by modifying standard artwork and digitally printing your customized overlays. These overlays should not be considered a permanent option, as the inks will not withstand long-term use. Design charges apply.
  • Customer Created: SSI can provide the standard graphic artwork in Corel Draw format. You can then edit the file, as needed, and use your inkjet printer to produce non-permanent custom overlays for standard membrane switches.

Creating Unique Configurations

Our stock membrane switches are designed to allow two or more switches to be joined together while maintaining maintain the center to center spacing (0.750”) from keypad to keypad. This feature allows users to configure membrane switches with an abundance of keypad combinations.

Construction Stack-up of Stock Switch (without Overlay)

Contact SSI for Standard Membrane Switches

SSI Electronics offers a full line of stock membrane switches, with a host of features and options that make it easy to find the perfect solution for any application. Request a quote or contact us for the standard membrane switches you need. You can call us at 800-866-8510 today to speak to our team directly.