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Industrial Membrane Switches, Flex Circuits & More

For nearly 40 years, SSI Electronics has been providing capacitance switches, printed circuits, silicone rubber keypads, and other interface products for some of the harshest environments in the world. We understand what it takes to withstand the rigors of critical industrial applications. Whether it is making parts that go on silos or hi-los, we know how to make products that are tough, durable, and dependable.

industrial technology device

Industrial-Strength Interface Solutions

SSI offers almost as many interface products as there are industrial applications in which to use them. Over the years, we’ve provided robust, reliable flex circuitsgraphic overlays, membrane keypads, and more for countless uses, including, but not limited to:

  • Processing equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Food service equipment
  • Motor controllers
  • Safety equipment
  • Laser distance meters
  • Color measurement equipment
  • Testing chambers

Why Industrial OEMs Choose SSI Interface Products

Customization in Moderate Volumes

For most industrial designers, providing a custom look for the products they design is a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. There is perhaps no better way to achieve this goal than by utilizing membrane switches. With non-recurring design and tooling costs of well under $2,000, the economic practicality of creating a unique design is likely well within reason for even smaller usage applications.

Robustness of Interface

Industrial environments can be not only rigorous, but also unpredictable. SSI’s membrane switch technology inherently helps protect against both environmental factors and aggressive use. For more details on how your industrial interfaces can be made more durable, download our whitepaper, “5 Critical Considerations for Making Your Interfaces Robust.”

Intuitive Interface

As human-machine interfaces continue to evolve technologically, industrial designers must determine whether these advances are applicable for the products that they design. Similarly, designers are often considering the use of touch screens to create an easier, more intuitive user experience. While the use of touch screens may represent a dramatic change in how users engage with their products, designers no longer have to compromise the ruggedness of these once fragile interfaces.

Industrial Interface Solutions Designed by Experts

Learn more about our industrial standard and custom touch screen interfaces today.

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