As touch screens continue to be the preferred interface for many consumer electronics, more and more industrial designers are evaluating how to incorporate this technology into their product designs. Understanding the pros and cons of various touch screen options is critical in determining what technology best fits your products and, ultimately, your customers.

Industrial Touch Screen Displays Designed by Experts

SSI Electronics offers standard and custom touch screen solutions for applications ranging from consumer to military. We believe in taking a collaborative approach to designing your industrial touch screen display and finding the best solution for your product.

With an understanding that every application is different, we work with several types of standard touch screen panel technology to meet your requirements. View our touchscreen design guide for more information.

Request a quote on any of the standard touch screen panel solutions below or give us a call at 800-866-8510 to discuss your unique application.

Longevity At An Economical Price: 5-Wire Resistive Touch Panels (RTP)

The touch screen technology with the most longevity is the 5-wire resistive touch panel. The bottom layer has X and Y axis conductors, while the top layer uses a looped conduction layer. When a finger, stylus, or other object presses the top layer of the panel into the bottom layer, it produces a switch closing of the circuit. The controller pings the location of the touch by calculating the resistance of the closed loop.

  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Ideal for high use applications

Exceptional Clarity & Durability: Capacitive Touch Screens

Capacitance touch panel technology has been adopted by many of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. While resistive technology relies on mechanical closure, cap touch products rely on the minor electrical charges that run through the human body. When we touch the top surface of the panel, the capacitance values of this surface are changed. Cap touch, while more costly than resistive touch, delivers exceptional accuracy and is one of the most widely implemented touch screen technologies.

  • Excellent display clarity
  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • Ideal for handheld electronics

Rugged Design & Long Life Cycle: Infrared Touch Panels

Infrared touch panels utilize a series of light beams that are arranged in a matrix slightly above the face of the touch panel. When an object comes near the touch panel, it breaks an “X” and a “Y” beam, sending the coordinates of this light breakage to the touch switch.

  • Works with bare or gloves hands
  • Withstands harsh environments and outdoor use
  • Ideal for specific niche applications

Superior Scratch Resistance: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screens

Surface acoustic wave touch panels utilize ultrasonic sound wave technology to sense touch and are utilized by different industries. High-frequency sound waves are emitted over the touch panel’s surface, and when a finger or object breaks the plane of these waves, a change in frequency occurs. Information is simultaneously sent to the controller, which calculates the location of the activation.

  • Nearly impossible to wear our physically
  • Excellent clarity and vibrant images
  • Ultra-sensitive touch response

Custom vs. Standard Touch Screens Panels

When considering what size and style of touch screen to use, it is important to consider whether you want an off-the-shelf touch screen module, or a product customized to your specifications. Custom touch screens often require a custom display, so if standardization is a priority, be sure to investigate the characteristics and availability of the display.

SSI offers standard touch screens in a variety of sizes and styles. Find a solution from our stock sizes below or give us a call at 800-866-8510 with your project requirements.

Stock Sizes – 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

SizeModel IDFrame Area
Active Area
Aspect Ratio
15″SSI-R5-15-A322.00 x 245.50303.50 x 227.504:3
17″SSI-R5-17-A356.00 x 286.50337.00 x 269.504:3
12.1″SSI-R5-W-12.1-A275.82 x 177.9261.12 x 163.216:9
15.6″SSI-R5-W-15.6-A359.30 x 209.50344.23 x 193.5416:9
18.5″SSI-R5-W-18.5-A 429.86 x 254.00409.80 x 230.4016:9
21.6″SSI-R5-W-21.6-A496.50 x 292.20477.50 x 268.6016:9
24″SSI-R5-W-24-A555.40 x 322.60531.40 x 298.9016:9

Standard (Non-Custom) Sizes – 5 Wire Resistive Touch Panels

SizeModel IDFrame Area (mm)Active Area (mm)Aspect Ratio
6.4SSI-R5-6.4-A150.00 x 115.50130.60 x 98.404:3
8″SSI-R5-8-A 182.60 x 140.80 164.80 x 123.004:3
8.4″SSI-R5-8.4-A196.09 x 149*86171.40 x 128.804:3
8.4″SSI-R5-8.4-B 186.90 x 142.30 171.00 x 128.804:3
10.4″SSI-R5-10.4-A248.92 x 186.69 215.90 x 163.834:3
10.4″SSI-R5-10.4-B228.70 x 173.40211.58 x 158.754:3
12.1″SSI-R5-12.1-A 271.27 x 205.74 248.87 x 187.404:3
12.1″SSI-R5-12.1-B 261.80 x 199.80 246.80 x 185.504:3
15″SSI-R5-15-A 322.00 x 245.50 303.50 x 227.504:3
15″SSI-R5-15-B 332.90 x 248.90 307.10 x 231.104:3
17″SSI-R5-17-A356.00 x 286.50337.00 x 269.504:3
17.1″SSI-R5-17.1-A 365.40 x 290.18 340.00 x 272.404:3
19″SSI-R5-19-A 393.40 x 316.65377.30 x 302.054:3
19.2″SSI-R5-19.2-A 402.00 x 326.20381.00 x 305.704:3
20.1″SSI-R5-20.1-A430.50 x 330.50409.00 x 307.004:3
21.3″SSI-R5-21.3-A 454.00 x 344.00432.00 x 324.004:3
7″SSI-R5-W-7-A166.50 x 104.00152.40 x 91.4416:9
10.1″SSI-R5-W-10.1-A 235.00 x 143.00222.72 x 125.2816:9
12.1″SSI-R5-W-12.1-A275.82 x 177.9261.12 x 163.216:9
15.4″SSI-R5-W-15.4-A 345.00 x 224.00331.00 x 207.0016:9
15.6″SSI-R5-W-15.6-A359.30 x 209.50 344.23 x 193.5416:9
18.5″SSI-R5-W-18.5-A429.86 x 254.00 409.80 x 230.4016:9
19″SSI-R5-W-19-A 426.60 x 272.10 411.20 x 257.3016:9
21.6″SSI-R5-W-21.6-A496.50 x 292.20 477.50 x 268.6016:9
22″SSI-R5-W-22-A 493.70 x 320.10 473.76 x 296.1016:9
24″SSI-R5-W-24-A555.40 x 322.60 531.40 x 298.9016:9

Standard (Non-Custom) Sizes – Projected Capacitance Touch Panels

SizeModel IDFrame Area (mm)Active Area
Aspect Ratio
10.4″SSI-PC-10.4-A259.10 x 206.30214.30 x 161.504:3
10.4″SSI-PC-10.4-B259.10 x 206.30214.30 x 161.504:3
12.2″SSI-PC-12.2-A289.47 x 222.00250.87 x 189.404:3
15″SSI-PC-15-A346.00 x 270.00306.20 x 230.204:3
15″SSI-PC-15-B346.00 x 270.00306.20 x 230.204:3
17″SSI-PC-17-A379.92 x 312.34340.12 x 272.544:3
17″SSI-PC-17-B381.92 x 314.34340.12 x 272.544:3
19″SSI-PC-19-A432.50 x 363.59378.52 x 303.264:3
19″SSI-PC-19-B426.52 x 351.22378.52 x 303.264:3
7″SSI-PC-W-7-A173.60 x 120.00154.80 x 93.84 16:9
7″SSI-PC-W-7-B187.60 x 126.64154.80 x 93.84 16:9
10.1″SSI-PC-W-10.1-A254.13 x 164.13219.56 x 138.20 16:9
10.1″SSI-PC-W-10.1-B259.06 x 161.62225.12 x 127.68 16:9
12.2″SSI-PC-W-12.2-B291.00 x 202.16 263.52 x 165.60 16:9
15.6″SSI-PC-W-15.6-A392.23 x 241.54346.23 x 195.54 16:9
15.6″SSI-PC-W-15.6-B392.23 x 241.54346.80 x 196.10 16:9
18.5″SSI-PC-W-18.5-A445.00 x 265.60412.20 x 232.80 16:9
18.5″SSI-PC-W-18.5-B445.00 x 265.60412.20 x 232.80 16:9
21.5″SSI-PC-W-21.5-A520.64 x 312.11479.04 x 270.51 16:9
21.5″SSI-PC-W-21.5-B520.64 x 312.11479.04 x 270.51 16:9
24″SSI-PC-W-24-A615.36 x 382.89535.36 x 302.89 16:9
24″SSI-PC-W-24-B615.36 x 382.89535.36 x 302.89 16:9

Work with Us to Design Your Custom or Standard Touch Screen Panel

SSI Electronics is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has the right systems and processes in place to ensure you receive high-quality electronic interfaces. Get a quote for your industrial touch screen display or contact us for help selecting the right touch screen technology for your application.

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